Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Newstead Brewing Co Turns 2, so does The Mill

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I'm a huge fan of Newstead Brewing Co. Their beers are fantastic (both the core range and the extremely large amount of special one off brews they do), the venue itself has an awesome atmosphere and serves excellent food, and from someone that is fairly new to craft beer the people that work there have been friendly and welcoming to the Brisbane craft beer scene. You'd be hard pressed to find another brewery that does so much for the community they're a part of.

So, when I received a couple of Beer Tokens in the mail today I was blown away. Wow, how awesome do these look?

I am humbled that the lovely people at Newstead Brewing Co thought of me to send a couple of these my way. I know they made 100's of them, but it's still cool. Both these tokens are going to be traded in at the brewery on Sunday, which is also when they'll be celebrating their second birthday, it's official, there's an event on Facebook. We'll also get to try the Newstead Brewing Co/The Mill collaboration beer – How Sloe Can You Go – a gin infused berry porter. No idea what that'll taste like but I'm excited.

Now, not to be a dork, another favourite local venue of mine (The Mill on Constance St) is also celebrating their second birthday on the same day (which explains the collaboration beer, ha). It's part of the same event with rumors there will be a conga line from Newstead to The Mill. Going to be a great day, looking forward to it.

Here's a few more pictures of Newstead stuff (stolen from my Instagram).

The IPA, pale ale and session ale are three sixths of the core range, all are excellent. Whisky Au Go Go, an English style barleywine isn't part of the core range, but it's excellent!

Have a great weekend!


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