Saturday, 9 July 2016

Favourite New (to me) Beer - June 2016

Winter is well and truly here in Brisbane, some days it doesn't even get to 20 degrees, and this months batch of favourite new beers really reflects that. Going through the list of new beers I enjoyed in June I was surprised how many great beers there were,  beers that in other months would have made the monthly post very easily.

Also. I was lucky enough in June to try two beers that I've had my eye on ever since I heard about them. They both didn't disappoint either, and share the favourite beer for the month title.

So, first beer to show is...

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. I think anyone reading this already knows what KBS is, but to see it in Brisbane and relatively easy to get hold of was awesome. I've seen this beer all over Instagram but never had the chance to try it. Now that I have, I can see why people lose their shit (just like I did). I've bought another couple of bottles to enjoy at a later date. Even though it's fairly pricey it's that good.

Second top beer of the month...

Tactical Nuclear Penguin by BrewDog. This is actually a beer I've known about for a long time, well before I was into craft beer. Namely because it comes in at over 30% ABV and has previously been available in a large chain bottleshop in Australia. The awesome bar that is Brewski had a BrewDog tap takeover in early June and also had a couple of bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark which could be bought in 30ml samplers. Not wanting to outlay $170+ for a single bottle this was great for me. I was mightily impressed by Tactical Nuclear Penguin too. Big, rich and concentrated stout flavours with the mouthfeel of a thick liquor. It was interesting and super delicious.

A couple of runners up this month...

I love these Mikkeller Beer Geek beers and the Vanilla Shake did not disappoint. Bitter coffee, vanilla and a warming alcohol presence. A great experience. I really hope we can find more of these Beer Geek beers in Brisbane, love them every time.

Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin was the surprise of the month. I didn't think anything could top the Grapefruit Sculpin but this did. The pineapple flavour was much more reserved than the grapefruit but there enough to enhance the hops and bitterness from the base beer. I love the artwork on these labels too.

Well, that's about it for June. There were a ton more awesome beers but only so much room (and patience) to write. Heading back to Brewski today to check out the Brouhaha Brewery tap takeover. Should be fun.

Thanks for reading, and as always, drink well.