Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Favourite New (to me) Beer - March 2016

Wow this year is moving quickly.

March has now come and gone. Brewsvegas 2016 was great. I was a bit unwell in the middle of Brewsvegas but had a great time and got to a handful of events. Looking forward to 2017, only 48 weeks to go right?

As far as new beers went, March was another bumper month filled with big boozy beers.

My favourite new beer of the month though, was without a doubt the Founders Backwoods Bastard.

Aged in bourbon barrels, this Scotch ale brings a huge but smooth booze kick with vanilla, dates and toasted coconut. As the beer warms up the flavours change in with the booze dropping off a bit and the other elements coming through a bit more. A real sipper of a beer, pretty sure I sat on this for two hours. Will buy again, it was delicious.

A few notable mentions.

Evil Twin - I Love You With My Stout and Soft DK.

Two imperial stouts that strangely was able to pick up from the same bottle shop. The bigger Evil Twin beers are quite hard to find  here in Brisbane so when I heard Hops & Vines in Hendra had them both I had to visit (straight after work, that afternoon). Soft DK was sweeter and easier to drink, I love you with my Stout was big and challenging and so much fun. Great beers.

Lastly, Batch 2.18 from 8 Wired.

Enjoyed this with a few other Brisbane beer bloggers over the Easter break at a bottle share/balcony session. Lots of dark fruits, bitter chocolate and vanilla. It's my kind of beer.

We're in April now, and I'm excited. It's still really easy to find new beers to drink, love the Brisbane Beer scene right now.

Thanks for reading, and as always, drink well.