Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lunch at The Defiant Duck

Owned by the same group that runs Gerard's Bistro, Gerard's Bar and Hatch and Co is The Defiant Duck. Situated at The Gasworks in Newstead (though on the other side of the Gasometer from the shops). Tt's a fairly large venue with both indoor and outdoor seating.

The A is upside down!!

The outdoor seating came in handy because we went there on a stinking hot Brisbane Saturday. The wind blew right through where we were sitting, it was wind tunnel perfect.

Food looks inspired by American BBQ cuisine, lots of slow cooked dishes and regular American fare, something that I'm a huge fan of. Their menu dedicates a page to something called the Josper Over. When I read it I was pretty intrigued, copy/paste below.

The Josper Oven
is the star
of our kitchen!

It’s a 100% charcoal powered oven +
grill that gives meats a delicious
smokey finish.

Look out for dishes marked with the
Josper Oven symbol + know that these
choices will be sensationally smokey +
terrifically tender

Doesn't that sound epic? Yes it does.

For an entree we started with a serving of Mini-Corn Dogs. Because Mrs BeerFoodBrisbane is gluten intolerant we went with the gluten free option. Simply put, they were amazing. The coating on the outside was crispy and crunchy while the little sausages inside were delicious.

Gluten Free Mini-Corn Dogs.

As you can see it comes with tomato sauce and mustard. A great combination of condiments to accompany little deep fried sticks of goodness.

For my main I had to pick something from the menu with the Josper Oven symbol, Coca-Cola Beef Ribs.

Coca-Cola Beef Ribs, shit yeah!

Everything about the beef ribs was perfect. The meat fell off the bone and was soft and juicy. The Coca-Cola sauce they were covered in was sticky and sweet. The slow cooked onions on top added a delicious burst of flavour that elevated the beef and sauce to another level. My only mini-gripe is there was a fairly large of salad on the plate. Nice salad mind you, but a lot of it. I'd have preferred a side of fries, but not to fret we got a serving of those too.

Shoestring Fries with Chicken Salt and Aioli (not pictured).

Some of the better fries you'll find anywhere, and for $5 the serving was huge. Combined with the Beef Ribs I was very impressed with my meal at the Defiant Duck.

Being this is BeerFoodBrsibane I wan't to say a bit about the beers . The Defiant Duck has a fairly large amount of beer taps, much more than you would find in nearly any restaurant/bar. The problem is, that they're predominately beers that are owned by the big companies. With twenty something taps it would have been nice to see something from a local brewery. Grill'd at the Emporium has Green Beacon on tap, and Newstead Brewing Co is less than 100 meters away. There were still some great beers on tap to be had though.

Little Creatures IPA, yum.

Having said that, they've got a good selection of bottled beers, Green Beacon, Newstead Brewing Co, Fortitude Brewing so if you can't find anything on tap, or you want to drink something local it's not going to be a problem.

Few more pictures of some of the other meals at the table.

The Mighty Duck Sundae.

Super Bowl Salad.

All in all we had a great time at The Defiant Duck, The staff were friendly, the food came out in a suitable time frame and was good quality, the prices were good and the beer selection had something for everyone. Thumbs up!


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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Favourite New (to me) Beer - October 2015

Note: I don't know if this will become a monthly thing, but it might be fun to write a few lines about my favourite new (to me) beer each month. So here goes...

October was a pretty big month for BeerFoodBrisbane, I became a husband, hit the 10 year milestone at my workplace, and had Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout for the first time. I've seen this beer on social media a lot over the past year and a half but never seen it in stores. Lucky for me we when we were on our honeymoon the Purple Palate in Malaney (which has a kick ass selection of beer) had a bottle of w00tstout. Having had my eye on it for a while it was an instant purchase.

An awesome beer in every sense of the word. Big, boozy, bold flavours all the way through. And 13% ABV in a huge bottle, it's a beer to share (I didn't though, haha). Mrs BeerFoodBrisbane was being pampered at the spa for three hours, so this bottle is what I did when she was gone. Well this bottle, heavy metal music on the ipod and a shitty science fiction book that was too complicated for me. Good times though.

A special mention was the Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing Co. 

Thanks for reading, and as always, drink well.

ps. I'm not a Stone fanboy. I love their beers but it's only coincidence that my favourite two beers of the month were from them.