Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bridge Road Brewers Posse - One Year In

I was early December 2014 and I'd only been on Instagram for a few months, so the wide world of craft beer was still very new to me. I'd really only known about beers that were easily available in Brisbane. So when I saw Instagram posts going up of bottles of beer wrapped in paper with hand drawn number tags (made with cardboard and a rubber band) I was intrigued. What is it? Beer Advent Calendar you say? How does one be a part of this next year?

Bridge Road Brewers Posse was the answer.

The Posse is the beer club run by Bridge Road Brewers. Every three months (or two months if you're super keen) they send you a mixed case of beer. The case usually has a couple of special beers in there, Posse only beers during Winter and Summer, and other rarer and hard to find beers mixed in with beers from their core range.

Now this is what I call mail!

I've been part of the Posse for a year now and just received my fourth case and wanted to write a few words about it.

First of all, as far as value for money goes it's great. A case of mixed craft beer for $69 (+ $15 delivery for me up here in QLD) is great. Especially considering there are beers in the pack that are hard to find up here, or just aren't available to you unless you're a member.

The frequency of beers is good too. I went with the pack every three months and it's enough to keep me going for a few weeks but not overdoing beers from one brewery (share the love right).

The beer selection has been really good too. When you first sign up you select what you hop and malt levels are (on a slider from one to ten). The "filler" beers they put in the pack are then to match your style. I went fairly high on hops and low on malt at the start so was getting Bling IPA's (which I love). This most recent delivery I asked if I could get some porters and red ales instead, which they did without a question.

The Hop Pack was a standout in this pack, it's great to taste the differences with the hops when the rest of the beer is the same.

The staff from Bridge Road that run the club must also be commended on how helpful they are as well as how quickly they reply to emails . Plus, just before each delivery we're emailed a PDF with information about the beers that are coming up. Tasting notes, information on what went into them, all that sort of stuff.

I'm now eight days into the Bridge Road Posse Beerdvent Calendar and having a great time and looking forward to what's coming up each day. There is a minimum term to sign up to the Posse, which is 12 months and I've now reached it, but I'm not cancelling, very happy with it. Hopefully one day will make it down to the brewery in country Victoria to say hello to the awesome people there.

Posse Summer Ale

Winter Posse Ale, this was an absolute ripper of a beer, really looking forward to trying next years version.

Thanks for reading, and as always, drink well!

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