Monday, 23 February 2015

First Post - It Begins

Hi Everyone,

First posts on blogs are a scary thing, what am I getting myself into? How much time will be spent on this? What will it become? Who knows? I love reading about beer and food, and have blogged about food in the past. But now I've been bitten with the Craft Beer bug. Currently my main outlet is Instagram which I signed up to about 5 months ago (link below).

Coming up soon in the Brisbane Craft Beer scene is Brewsvegas. A week-long event that celebrates Craft Beer and Brisbane. This should give a new and aspiring blogger like myself plenty to write about.

I'd also like to check out the local craft beers and bars and do some write-ups about them. The Craft Beer scene in Brisbane is really exploding and it's an exciting place to be into beer right now.

Until next time, take care and drink good beer.

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