Saturday, 26 March 2016

Had the Stockade Family Around for Beers

What better day is there than Easter Saturday to get stuck into a bunch of beers from a brewery you've never had a beer from before? Well the stars have aligned because Stockade Brew Co were kind enough to send me a four pack of their core range of beers to try (thanks Melissa).

I've not heard much about Stockade Brewing Co until quite recently. I've seen them pop up on Instagram a fair bit lately which they are quite active, but they don't have a presence in bottle shops in Brisbane yet. I'm always keen to try new beers and that's what I'm doing.

Peachy Keen Peach Gose

First cab of the rank is the Peachy Keen Peach Gose. Gose is one of those styles that I haven't had much exposure to but one that seems perfectly suited to warm weather. Today is once again a typical early-Autumn day in Brisbane (meaning stupidly humid and warm) so this is going down perfectly. Lots of peach flavour on the nose and palate, with a strong sour notes that cut right through the peach. Not very hoppy, leaves a peach juice aftertaste which is wholly enjoyable. Great start.

The Sesh Golden Session Ale

Most session type beers I've had in the past are hoppy, but The Sesh is different. Massive amount of malt complexity going on, with a sweet caramel flavour all the way through. Not overly bitter at first but as the sweet malt flavour disappears I'm left with a refreshing bitterness. I'm truly surprised how much I enjoy this beer, it's delicious.

Duel Hoppy Lager

The Duel Hoppy Larger is brewed with Vienna malt and Ella hops. Both kind of fighting each other to be the dominant flavour. I guess that's where the name "Duel" comes from. It's really interesting as I can taste the two flavours inter-playing with each other. Lagers aren't my favourite style but with the extra hoppiness it's going down very nicely.

Chop Shop Pale Ale

Last but not least is the Chop Shop Pale Ale. A hoppy American style pale ale brewed with Fuggles and Cascade Hops. Big hop flavours punctuated with pine, citrus and tropical fruits. A bit of sweetness that then transitions to a slight bitterness. Very moreish.

Packaging is great, each bottle has eye catching artwork as well as information about the beers (hops, malts, IBU's, food pairings etc). It's a small thing but is appreciated.

I've had a great little session with these Stockade Brew Co beers. I hope to see them in bottle shops up here in Brisbane sometime soon. I've also seen they do an Oak-Aged series of beers, how good does that sound!

Thanks for reading, and as always, drink well.

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  1. Glad you appreciated the beers mate. Can't wait 'til we get a chance to get our beers into bottle shops and venues up your way!